Goose migration is the best time to help control the populations. We are extremely lucky here in Northern Europe, as we lie where so many species will migrate year after year. Wildfowling is all about the experience – the geese are an added bonus!

The big spread of Avian-X goose decoys move around completely lifelike in the wind.
The layout of Avian-X goose decoys move wildly in the strong winds. Some appear to eat and others rest. At the back and along the sides of the wide u-formation, the guard-geese keep an eye on the surroundings. The four layout blinds are perfectly camouflaged and are completely invisible on the stubbly field. Shortly, the geese will leave their night seats. They will begin to fly into the surrounding fields to look for food. The hunters check everything one last time and load up their semi-autos. Goose fever is about to begin.
Information about Goose Hunting
Goose hunting in Europe has developed enormously over the past decade. Firstly, the number of geese is steadily rising and there have never been so many of them around. Secondly, there has been somewhat of a revolution in the goose hunting gear market. A fact that the European goose hunters really have taken advantage of. Thirdly, there has been a change in the hunter’s ethics. From hiding in a ditch having random shot chances at passing geese, it is now possible to bring them into you. Using decoys and camouflage, they will be attracted in for a safe and deadly shot. Therefore, goose hunting is much more exciting than it used to be.

Full-body decoys with or without flock used with shells and sillosocks give a realistic impression of a flock of live geese. Using a layout blind camouflaged with material from natural surroundings in the field will help you get the shy geese within close range, and give you the ultimate hunting experience.

Some decoys feed, others rest and far and wide in the wide u-formation are the guardians keeping a watchful eye on the surroundings. Therefore this helps convince the real live birds that it’s a safe place to be. If the decoys act naturally, why should they doubt it?

The four layout blinds are fully camouflaged, so they are completely invisible on the stump field. Now it will not be long until the greylags leave their nighttime positions and begin to seek food.

Below you’ll find everything you need for the most effective goose hunt. Premium first class decoys, layout blinds, flags, goose calls and much more. We stock items from AvianX, Avery, GHG, Rig’em Right, Zink Calls, Mojo, Lucky Duck and Sillosocks.

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