Goose Decoys – only the best for your hunt

Here are the market’s best quality goose decoys from the largest American producers Avian-X, Final Approach Greenhead Gear, Lucky Duck and Sillosocks.

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Decoys are a super effective tool for a successful goose hunt. However, you should be very aware that quality is of great importance if you want natural decoys that work. It requires high-skilled crafts to produce decoys that can lure the watchful geese especially at the end of the season.

For many years, the goose hunters have preferred decoys with flock coating to prevent UV shine. But keep in mind that flock is available in varying quality – some coatings are so badly made that the fibres are on your hands when you hold the decoys. Made via high-quality production, the flock coating is applied in multiple layers, so the surface is fully natural as a goose feather.

American Avian-X and Greenhead Gear (GHG) are eminent to produce decoys with flock.

But the nice flock coating also has its drawbacks. You must store and transport your goose decoys with caution, as flock is easily worn off. Therefore, always pack them in a carry case with a compartment or cushion cover. But still it is usually necessary to repair the damaged areas with special paint.

This problem has challenged Avian-X and in Autumn 2017 they introduced a new series of Nordic Greylag and Pinkfoot Goose decoys with the same ultra-matte and durable paint, which for many years has given Avian-X huge respect as the unconditional most lifelike decoys on the market.