Your hunt is a better experience when your gun dog is with you

We stock a variety of equipment aimed at gun dog training and hunting. We feature a variety of brands who design products such as training equipment, hunting dog gear and accessories for training and hunting. These brands are Rig’Em Right, Avery Sporting Dog, Dogtra and Thunder.

If you already know what are you are looking for, then you can jump straight to dog vests, dummies, dog whistles or collars.

Our range is suitable for your gun dog at all levels of training.

We stock both canvas and rubber retrieval dummies for use in or out of water. These can also have special scents applied to them to get the dog used to finding and retrieving the ‘birds’.

If you are not able to throw far, or you want to step up your training a notch, we also have a variety of launchers which enable the dummies to go much further than can be thrown manually.

When your gun dog is in and out of the water, it is important that they stay dry and concealed.

We stock neoprene dog vests and specially-designed dog blinds to keep your hunting buddy as dry and warm as possible.

We also have protective covers for your car, along with a specially designed kennel for safely transporting your dog.