Enhance your hunting with high-quality scents and lures. Whether you’re using them to attract animals to you or an area or remove your scent, we have a huge range available.

We stock sprays, tar, salt blocks and more to bring them in and keep them coming back.

We stock 100% pure beech tar which is undiluted for maximum strength and quality. Many on the market are diluted, which means the tar just dissolves into the tree. With undiluted tar, it will be harder to apply but it stays on the tree or surface for much longer. 

Salts and minerals are an important part of an animal’s natural diet. With mineral and salt blocks, you can easily lure them to your feeding area. It will give them easy access to the minerals they need, meaning they will keep coming back for more.

The products we stock do not contain harmful chemicals and are biodegradable in the environment. 

Boost your hunting arsenal and ensure there is always a steady stream of prey in the area.