Hunting clothes

Top quality for the passionate hunter!

At Lucky Hunter, we now have the honor of presenting a large selection of hunting clothing from the American brand Banded, which is known for making some of the absolute most innovative, and thoroughly tested products on the market. The product range offers top equipment for most forms of hunting and there is something to be found for every hunter.

Delivery Details 
In order to supply the large and exclusive selection of products from Banded, Lucky Hunter does smaller shipments at a time. In general this will result in a delivery time of between 2-3 weeks, which of course is a little more than what you can normally expect on, but we promise you that the equipment is worth the wait! So remember to order your new equipment from Banded well in advance, and we will take care of the rest – Happy Hunting

There is no doubt that the people behind Banded themselves have a great passion for waterfowling and this is especially seen in the products for duck and goose hunting. Here, Banded are just incomparable! The amount of practical details and features in the clothing is almost endless and the comfort is exceptional. If you practice this fantastic form of hunting, then do yourself a favor and check out the products.

Banded also supplies hunting clothes for children! Something we are proud to welcome at Lucky Hunter. We believe that it is important to give the next generation of hunters the same opportunities to enjoy the great experiences, on an equal basis as Mom and Dad. Therefore, we are pleased to be able to offer the same unique quality of hunting clothing, in different kid-sizes, so that Junior can participate in all seasons and conditions.