Scents and Lures for Deer Hunting

If you’re planning to hunt red deer, having the right scents and lures can significantly increase your chances of success. Red deer have a highly developed sense of smell, and using the right scents and lures can attract them to your hunting area.

In this category, you’ll find a range of scents and lures designed specifically for red deer hunting. Some common scent products include doe and buck urine, glandular secretions, and food-based scents like apple or acorn. Lure products can include decoys, such as buck or doe decoys, or electronic calls that mimic the vocalizations of red deer.

When selecting scents and lures for red deer hunting, it’s essential to consider the season, weather conditions, and the terrain in which you’ll be hunting. For example, in the rutting season, buck urine and grunt calls can be highly effective in attracting red deer.

Whether you’re an experienced hunter or new to the sport, using scents and lures for red deer hunting can be a valuable tool. Browse our selection of scents and lures to find the right option for your next red deer hunting trip.