Final Approach

Tough Conditions – Tougher Gear 

We are proud to be able to supply products from yet another recognized American manufacturer for European bird hunters.

American Final Approach was established in 1993, when Ron Latschaw had an idea for a blind that should be both comfortable and meet the need to blend in with the surroundings during the goose hunt.

The idea at first was not to make it a business but to become a better hunter. Since then, several manufacturers have followed his example and developed further on his ideas.

The Final Approach SUB is thus “The Original” in the field of layout blinds.

Final Approach has, like so many other American manufacturers in the industry, been acquired with investment and profit in mind, but in 2018 just after the company’s 25th anniversary, FA was sold again to a group of passionate bird hunters and the goal is to bring the brand back to the starting point as one of the world’s leading suppliers of decoys, blinds, clothing, bags and accessories for the hunters who will not compromise on quality.

The strategy is clear:
“Final Approach will stay later, work harder and build smarter products to make your hunt that much better”