Bolyguard delivers some of the market’s most reliable game cameras. Therefore, Bolyguard cameras are often a victim of cheap copying and imitation.

If you buy a Bolyguard camera from us, you are guaranteed an original product with full warranty and service.

Bolyguard game cameras get top reviews in various tests. This is because of the ultra fast recording speed and high performing light diodes that are invisible to humans and animals.

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The construction is solid and compact and the battery life is long.

BolyMedia was one of the first manufacturers on the market to produce game cameras. They still have a number of patents in the field.

Bolyguard are especially known for their MMS game cameras. The MMS can be delivered to your email or cell phone directly from the camera.

We have almost 10 years of experience with Bolyguard cameras. Therefore, you are ensured competent advice and service from us.