Fox Hunting Calls

Many producers try to copy a Dan Thompson fox game call, but the craftsmanship can not be compared. All calls are handmade in the finest hardwood, and each hand tuned precisely according to the specifications Dan Thompson personally specified. So the fox calls simply can not be copied to the same high quality.

When you stand with a Dan Thompson fox call in your hands, you stand with an iconic piece of tool developed by a skilled craftsman and legendary hunter.

We also have the probably top-selling fox call in the United States – The Verminator – developed by American predator hunter Rick Paillet. With the double membrane, Twisted Syco releases a sharp and loud sound from a wounded animal. Foxes can not resist this sound.

German Klaus Weisskirchen has developed a wide program of fox game calls, including fox barking call, mouse pipe, fox rut, fox mating call, fox calling.

From Swedish Mikael Tham we have the well-known Nordik Predator program, including Nordik Predator Pre-tuned, Nordik Mini Predator, Nordik Plain Pain, Fox Heat and Crying Bird.