Guides from Lucky Hunter

Guide to goose hunting

Goose hunting offers loads of fantastic experiences in nature with good hunting companions and at [...]

Roebuck hunting in June – Tips & Tricks for a tough hunt

Why is buck hunting difficult in June? Roebuck hunting in June can be extremely difficult [...]

Optifade Camouflage – Blog post

What is Optifade? Optifade is a very special camouflage pattern, developed by W.L Gore, which [...]

Dan Thompson – Predator Calls

The Dan Thompson Calls In Scandinavia, Dan Thompson’s PC fox call has for many years [...]

Teaching a puppy to retrieve

Retrieving is important When acquiring a puppy that is to become a hunting dog, there [...]

Tips and tricks for trail cameras

Why use a trail camera? Many hunters choose to use a trail camera on their [...]

Beavertail Big Gunner Layout Blind

The Beavertail Big Gunner Layout Blind has a never before seen feature – a built [...]

Fox Lure Hunting

The red fox is a curious and cheeky predator, so fox lure hunting challenges your [...]

How to make a feeding plot for wildboar

A guide for wild boar feeding plots Are you one of the many European hunters [...]

Duck hunting in September

September = Duck hunting A duck hunting report by Rasmus from Lucky-Hunter Finally, it was [...]

Trail Camera Test – Spypoint

Testing trail cameras At Lucky-Hunter, we always like to provide the best service to our [...]

Presentation of goose decoys

Decoys from Lucky-hunter At Lucky Hunter we sell several different types of goose decoys, and [...]