Waterfowl hunting from layout boats is very challenging as you must have knowledge of the water and the bird’s migration routes. Preferably you should also master the right game call techniques and know how to place the layout boat and decoys in the best positions on the water.

Choosing the best layout boat depends on what and where to hunt.

A typical layout boat weighs from 40 kg to 80 kg, and it may be necessary to transport the boat over larger distances to get to the water.

The optimal design is a low profile boat to minimize the visibility to the flying birds.

For your safety you should choose a layout boat designed to be as stable as possible in the water, even when waves run over the rail and into the boat.

Comfort is another important factor when you are going to hunt for many hours.

Based on these important factors – and our own hunting experiences – we have chosen the Final Attack sneak boat from American Beavertail in our webshop.

The boat is very low profile and light weight – only 40 kg. It has wheels underneath so you can easily drag the boat from he trailer to the water carrying your decoys and other gear inside the boat. Safety are in top as the Beavertail boat has foam filling on the sides giving buoyancy and stability in the water.