Avian-X promotes the exciting sport of waterfowling to hunting enthusiasts the world over. They want to promote this in a traditional, ethical, enjoyable and responsible way. Avian-X believes it is their role to help promote the sport of hunting with current and budding hunters all over the world.

Avian-X equips the 80/20 generation. They make up just 20 percent of hunters and harvest 80 percent of the game. They grit through the toughest hunts on the days when most stay home. They demand innovation and quality. Avian-X is their home: built by extreme hunters, for extreme hunters.

Designed in the United States by Fred Zink and world-champion decoy carver Rick Johannsen, their decoys are arguably the most authentic on the market. They are hyper-realistic in appearance, therefore it will be much easier to lure the birds into the area you want them. These are created from a more flexible plastic material compared to other brands on the market. This implies that the decoys will be easier to handle in freezing temperatures. Therefore, as they are more flexible, they are less likely to crack.

For a reliable addition to your decoy flock year after year, Avian-X are a fantastic brand to look at.