Duck Hunting Decoys – the best in decoys for your hunt

Here you will find the absolutely best duck decoys on the market from Avian-X, Greenhead Gear (GHG), Sillosocks, MOJO Outdoors and Lucky Duck.

Duck hunting with decoys is probably one of the most common hunting forms. Hunting ducks with decoys has been a well-documented way to get food on the table for many decades. Previously the decoys were made of black cans/plastic bottles, but now the duck hunters prefer carved and painted decoys.

A skilled duck hunter has learned, that ducks will get more alert during the season. So to get them close enough for a safe shoot you need to have quality decoys that can lure the ducks throughout the season.

If you hunt ducks on bigger lakes or on the foreshore with splashing waves, you are well aware that the decoys tend to tip over. Therefore we recommend that you buy them with a swim weighted keel to ensure stability in the water.

Also, make sure that your decoys do not shine and reflect the sun – this will for sure alert the ducks.

To reduce the number of zero days on your duck hunt, we highly recommend that you buy quality decoys with a lifelike look in both body and painting.

Quality decoys will be an indispensable hunting buddy for many seasons.