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Big Al’s Silhouette Decoys

The story about Big Al’s Decoys: Growing up as a boy in North America, Big Al went waterfowling regularly in the early 1970s. Still possessing the burning passion for hunting, Big Al has combined his artistic background, a lifetime of experience and his family’s printing business to manufacture his ‘waterfowl silhouette decoys’.

All of the decoys are produced and packaged in one plant in North East Ohio – this, in turn, helps to keep costs low, as they are able to do everything in one place. Big Al personally oversees the total design, production and marketing of these decoys. He ensures they are perfect in terms of detail, colour and ultra-matte coating.

They are always striving to update the colours and quality to make them the best they can be, so your hunt can be the best it can be.

As these are high-quality silhouette decoys, you are able to carry a lot of decoys along with you on the hunt. These are available for both duck and goose hunting.

Used alone, or together with full body decoys, these are the ideal tool for your hunt.

With it come to decoys…more is simply better!