Pigeon hunting is a great way to control destruction to property and crops, especially when crops and plants are in the early growth stages. If not controlled, the population can overrun and destroy whole areas.

The pigeons are flocking to the newly-sown winter crops.
Yesterday the blind was set up and camouflaged, so it completely disappears into the surroundings.
Today you have kept an eye on where the pigeons come from and your hunting gear is ready.
Tomorrow, wind and weather will be perfect. “The battle” will start and may, at its best, offer many fun and challenging shots.
The pigeons are easy to attract with natural-looking decoys, and it is a good idea to complement the shot birds set up on mounting sticks. Flappers of different kinds and windsocks from Sillosocks often work like magnets on the flying pigeons. A good removable blind is also worth investing in, as you often need to move around the diver’s trekking routes, which may vary from day to day.
Below you will find a wide selection of products for the exciting and challenging pigeon hunt.