Climate-compensated shipments

Lucky Hunter prioritizes climate-compensated delivery and sustainable packaging

When you buy your hunting equipment from Lucky Hunter, you get a climate-compensated delivery as a standard without any extra cost, making it easy for you as a customer to support initiatives aimed at reducing our climate footprint. We ensure that our partners in freight and logistics are targeted in reducing CO2 emissions and offer to climate compensate for the transportation they provide.

Climate compensation is not the ideal solution, but as long as current technology and infrastructure cannot fully reduce CO2 emissions from the start, it is one of the best options within the transportation sector to compensate for the CO2 footprint. You can read more about the different carriers’ focus on climate below:

At Lucky Hunter, we have for many years accepted cardboard boxes and packing materials from the city’s traders or citizens who come by and drop off their used packaging. We reuse it for our shipments, thereby significantly reducing the need for purchasing new packaging materials. If you sometimes wonder why your package from Lucky Hunter is delivered in a box from hairdressing articles or wine bottles, then you have received a package with a reduced climate footprint. After all, it is basically just a box that should transport your ordered goods safely from our warehouse to you!

If you have a game camera or are considering buying one, we have models that are powered by rechargeable batteries or accompanying powerbanks and solar panels, which replace the need for a large number of batteries that must be disposed of after use.

Lucky Hunter deals in quality products that can withstand use year after year. Hunting equipment that lasts a long time is not only more enjoyable on the hunt, but less waste also reduces the strain on our climate.