The early morning light is coming and the big owl sits like an immovable black silhouette against the sky in the tallest pine tree.
The blind in the bushes only 20 meters away is barely visible. The first crows are on their way and you’re ready!

Crow hunting is an extremely exciting and incredibly fascinating hunting form. Crows are clever and awake birds, and they are in every way a worthy hunting object. In recent years, more and more hunters have become aware of the excellence of the crow hunt. If you prepare the hunt properly, there are many amazing hours and experiences out there.

The crow has fantastic vision, so it’s crucial that both you and the dog are completely hidden. It’s a good idea to place your blind in the shade so it does not “stick out” in the landscape. Additionally, it is important that you also camouflage your hands and face and sit completely quiet until the birds are in sight for a safe shot.

Photo blinds, layout blinds and camouflage blinds all work well for crow hunting. Just use the natural materials from where you are on the blind to blur and give the finishing touch.

Crow decoys are used throughout the season, and it works well with a pair of moving Sillosocks wind decoys among the stuffed or flocked crow decoys. Some hunters use single or few decoys, others use many. A stuffed seagull or alternatively a white windsock works well as an eye-catcher.

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