Goldeneye Decoys

Welcome to our Goldeneye decoys category, where you’ll find a range of high-quality decoys designed specifically for hunting this prized sea duck. At Lucky Hunter, we’re proud to offer a selection of Goldeneye decoys from the top brand in the industry, Greenhead Gear.

Goldeneyes are a popular target for waterfowl hunters, known for their unique and striking appearance as well as their challenging behavior. Hunting Goldeneyes during the colder months in Europe can be a fun and exciting experience for hunters of all levels.

Our selection of Goldeneye decoys includes both traditional decoys and innovative designs that incorporate the latest technology to enhance their effectiveness. One popular type of Goldeneye decoy is the oversized foam filled decoy, which creates a realistic and convincing presence of a Goldeneye flock.

Our GHG oversized foam filled decoys are made with premium materials to withstand harsh marine environments and are painted with intricate detail to mimic the look of real Goldeneyes. Their large size and realistic appearance make them an effective choice for hunters looking to attract Goldeneyes from a distance.

At Lucky Hunter, we’re committed to offering the highest quality products at the best prices. That’s why we only carry Goldeneye decoys from the top brand in the industry, Greenhead Gear. So why wait? Browse our selection of Greenhead Gear Goldeneye decoys today and take your hunting game to the next level!