Zink Calls

Zink Calls are world-renowned for the development and production of high-end game calls, which everyone can easily learn to master.

Other manufacturers have been so focused on refining the tones to the utmost that it has gone beyond the ease of use and to such an extent that it almost requires a professional hunter with many hours of practice.

Fred Zink founded Zink Calls in 2001 with the stated purpose of producing game calls that satisfy the demands of both the professional hunter and all of us who have waterfowl hunting as a passionate hobby. It is this dedication to quality that has given Fred Zink the respect and admiration among hunters and competitors worldwide.

If a call is too difficult to use, including requiring too much air to hit the correct tones, most hunters give up and leave it in their pocket. You do not get that boring experience with a Zink duck or goose call.

All the calls are hand-set and perfectly tuned before leaving US production.