The story of Nordik Predator calls is that Swedish P-A Åhlén called Mikael Tham and asked if they should make a movie about fox hunting.

He had previously talked to Ulf Lindroth, who were interested in the idea and the one who had the best knowledge.

Mikael Tham was skeptical whether it would be a commercial success. But he said yes, especially to learn more about this hunting form. It was back in 2007, when only a few Swedish hunters spent time on fox hunting and did not think much about how to improve their shooting chances.

The film became a huge succes. Together with Ulf’s articles in the magazine Swedish Hunting, it started a new hunting trend. In the wake of the film, P-A came to the brilliant idea to develop and produce game calls – the first Swedish calls for hunting in the Nordic region.

Today Nordik Predator includes a wide range of game calls for fox, elk, roe deer, red deer, crow and wild boar.