Fosco Army-Paint is a part of Van Os Imports in Holland, and the company was founded more than 70 years ago.

Over the years, Fosco has specialized in equipment for military and professional outdoor activities that place extremely high demands on product quality and durability.

Lucky-Hunter distributes Fosco’s army spray paint, which has a super matte finish and is easily applied to all types of surfaces (plastic, metal, acrylic, composite, fiberglass, textiles etc.).

With the wide variety of colors and templates, you can easily make great camouflage motifs with 3D effect on your feeders so they blend into the nature. You can also blur your hunting boat, high seat or weapon.

Do you have decoys with damaged flock – this is often the case if they are not stored or transported in carrying bags, then you can repair the damage with the matte Fosco paint so that the worn areas do not shine and look artificial with the risk of scaring the birds.