AttraTec embodies the balance of tradition and innovation. Its founder, Dr. Gerhard Schnabel, grew up surrounded by nature and hunting as the son of a forester and hunter. With a background in chemistry and experience in natural product chemistry, drug synthesis, and formulation, he founded AttraTec in 2009. The first product, No1 Suhlengold®, is a combination of beech tar and plant attractants.

AttraTec has since developed a range of innovative attractants that appeal to game’s sense of smell and taste. They operate their own production facility next to research and development, and have expanded their network of reliable partners. They focus on process optimization, user safety, product optimization, and new product development to offer attractants that are safe, easy to use, and cost-effective.

Their research shows that wild animals have specific taste and smell preferences, leading AttraTec to offer different product variants for feeding and painting trees. After 10 years in the market, AttraTec has established its own online shop to maintain direct contact with hunters and incorporate their feedback into their work. End customer feedback is crucial for the research company, and they believe it will lead to faster development and better products for hunters and their trading partners.