The story behind Deerhunter®

Deerhunter® is a part of the Danish company F. Engel K/S, a family-owned group founded in 1927 and currently managed by the fourth generation. Deerhunter® was established in 1985 as a direct result of the Engel family’s passion for hunting and outdoor pursuits.

The company vision is to develop and manufacture clothing for modern hunters and outdoor individualists for whom freedom of movement and high-technical quality is of vital importance. F. Engel has grown every year for the past twenty five years and successively added to its collections.

Today Deerhunter® offers a comprehensive range of clothing for hunting and outdoor pursuits. The Deerhunter® concept has stood the test of time. Deerhunter® is now represented in more than 30 countries across the world, and has earned a solid reputation as the brand of choice when it comes to comfortable and functional high-quality, high-technological clothing. The original Deerhunter® concept remains unchanged – Deerhunter® is a brand that always makes customers feel that they are getting good value for money.

Deerhunter was in 2009 appointed as purveyor to the Danish Queen and the Royal family.