Wild game trail cameras for surveillance

It’s very popular to put up wildlife or trail cameras to keep an eye on the animal’s activity. Get the important information like when the animals are in the feeding spot, on the trails, etc.

A wild game camera can also be utilised as an easy and inexpensive solution for general monitoring. Areas such as building site constructions, private property, business, Christmas trees, vacation houses, observation of traps and many more places.

With an MMS camera you receive pictures from the camera to your smartphone directly as MMS or to your email. The only thing you need is a SIM card subscription. We have 10 years of experience with sales and support of wild game cameras, so you are sure of a professional service even after your purchase. We sell game cameras from Bolyguard and Spypoint, known as some of the best and most reliable brands on the market.

Offering a wide range of cameras in many different price ranges, you will always find a camera to suit your needs and budget when you shop with us.


Trail / Game Cameras

Spypoint LINK-S

 625.00  599.00

Trail / Game Cameras

Bolyguard BG330(D)-12M


Trail / Game Cameras

Bolyguard SG520-16M Camera


Trail / Game Cameras

Bolyguard SG560K Camera


Trail / Game Cameras

Bolyguard SG880MK-18mHD Camera


Trail / Game Cameras

Bolyguard MG883G-14m Game Camera


Trail / Game Cameras

Bolyguard MG983-36M Camera


Camera Accessories

Bolyguard 6 Volt Power Supply


Camera Accessories

SIM card – Data in EU


Trail / Game Cameras

Spypoint LINK-DARK