The Beavertail Big Gunner Layout Blind has a never before seen feature – a built in lift-assisted backrest.

Allowing the hunter to concentrate on the shot rather than the lift needed to sit upright from laying in the blind, this feature allows all hunters, regardless of core strength or physical ability, to successfully sit upright quickly and aim for their targets.

A spring system, built into the backrest which comes with the blind, gives you the extra boost you need. The blind comes with two adjustments to either give you a large push or a subtle lift, depending on the age or size of the shooter.

A younger shooter may wish to opt for the smaller setting, whereas a fully grown adult may need the full size adjustment. There is also more room in the blind for leg and chest room, as well as larger doors on both sides.

Windproof and waterproof polyester material in Realtree Max-4 Camo pattern means you stay camouflaged and dry whilst hunting. The headrest is cushioned, and the seat cushion is adjustable and non-absorbing.

Even with all of these features, the blind is still lightweight – approx. 11kg – and highly durable.