Hunting roe deer is a big highlight in the hunting calendar.

Here you’ll find the popular Buttolo call, where you just have to squeeze the “rubber ball” to create an authentic sound of the doe that makes the roe buck completely wild.

Also note the exclusive spring game call from German Klaus Weisskirchen, the only call on the market that can be used to lure roebuck outside the heat period. You use a call technique that provokes the roebuck by simulating the lamb and doe anxiety call and provoking the buck to believe there is a rival on his territory.

From Klaus Weisskirchen we also have the best-selling roe deer call in Germany – the Bleep call – made of cherry wood and with a brass screw, so you can adjust the sound and imitate the fawn bleep, barren doe bleep, doe bleep and bothered doe bleep.

With the Swedish Nordik Roe, you can re-produce several different roe deer sounds – the lamb’s contact call, the doe contact call, the doe heat call and the doe anxiety call.