With Night Vision, hunting no longer stops at dusk

Get the best out of every hunt, every time. Using our night vision and thermal imaging scopes, your hunt no longer needs to end at dusk.

Add nocturnal animals to your hunting repertoire with our night vision and thermal scopes. These can help take your hunting to new levels.

We offer both night vision and thermal imaging scopes. These can be attached to your rifle and rifle scope as an add on.
You can use these standalone for tracking animals before or after the hunt. These are extremely lightweight, so after hours of hunting, you will not notice them.

Our products are fully waterproof and have some degree of wireless connectivity to be viewed or controlled from afar.
Our range is designed to operate between varying temperatures of -25 degrees Celsius and +50 degrees Celsius. Therefore, you can use these all year round in all weather conditions.

Many of our night vision and thermal scopes enable you to use the same scope as you currently use for daytime optics.
When using our “click-on” night scopes on your current scope, you will turn it into a night or thermal vision scope (device dependent). Easy mount/dismount of the Pulsar thermal scope optic ensures you don’t lose zero, therefore meaning no need to fiddle around with calibration in the field.

Our digital night vision range also has enhanced night time sensitivity. This enables you to use it in the early dusk and through the night without needing to use the IR-illuminator.

Our devices are fully waterproof, are able to withstand extreme temperatures and offers recording of video and sound (depending on model). Make our products part of your core hunting repertoire today.

Used alongside other products from our range such as lures, calls and hunting equipment, you can make every hunt a lucky one!