Spotting and taking down the wild boar can be a great experience for hunters of all levels. They can be a tough creature to snag as they are lower to the ground compared to most game, and they tend to prefer being in woodland rather than out in the open. This is where a good viewpoint and a thermal hand spotter can be your best friends!

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The game feeder runs at exactly 15 minutes.

The two trail cameras you set out have shown that there has been a lot of activity since you put out beech tar and filled up the feeding barrel. It is only a matter of time before the pigs enter the hunting scene.

It puzzles in the woods, branches are breaking and suddenly they are here. The dark shadows move fast in and out between each other. There are both frischling and überlaüfer sizes, and the mother sow is watchful all the way out to the edge of the feeding place. Suddenly there will be a moment of silence. Then he enters the stage. There is no doubt – the body is massive and triangular, the brush is clearly visible and the white teeth are shining in his mouth! Your heart beats heavily.

As a passionate wild game hunter, you know how important it is that the feeding spot works efficiently and is well stocked, even when you are not boar hunting. We have the market’s largest selection of quality hunting equipment for wild game hunting at great prices. With us, you will find everything you need for an efficient feeding site: undiluted beech tar, feeder machines, lighting, lure products (fruit sugar, maple syrup, minerals, salts, fragrances etc.). Take a close look at our feeders and complete feed systems.

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