The hunt becomes a better experience when your gun dog is with you

The first domesticated dogs were hunting dogs. The oldest form of hunting was due to the dogs hunting in a pack where they tracked and pursued the game until the hunter arrived.

When hunting with a bow or firearm, the task of the gun dog is to pick up the game after it is shot. For this task, we have the best quality dummies and fragrances. These are from American Avery Sporting Dog to ensure they are trained to know the scent.
Among other things, we have a range of dummies shaped like a duck or pheasant. These feature loose heads and tails for extra realistic training before the hunting season.

We also have a quality cover for the car’s backseat. Therefore, you can drive with your dog inside the car without worrying about sand and dirt on the seat.

If the dog shall work in water, it is important to think about the risk of cooling. From Avery Sporting Dog we have quality neoprene vests in several sizes that helps the dog to keep warm and contribute to buoyancy that saves the dog too much effort.

When bird hunting, your dog can lie in their own blind from American company Rig’Em Right, so that duck and geese can fully enter the shooting range. This ensures your dog is not seen.

We also have some exciting news; we will soon have the automated dummy throwers from American Thunder Equipment. So you can train your dog as though the birds are being shot down in quick succession.