Danish developed and Danish made shooting sticks

Viper-Flex® is a Danish company dedicated on the design, development and production of high quality shooting equipment created for shooters by shooters.

Here Danish design, high quality and service go hand-in-hand.

Since launching the Viper-Flex® Elite in 2013, popularity has grown significantly. Shortly after the advantages of the Viper-Flex® Elite were discovered, came the request from travelling hunters: How will it be possible to transport the beloved shooting stick to destinations worldwide.

This wish was fulfilled when the two owners developed the Viper-Flex® Journey, in the summer of 2015 with a three-piece leg enabling carriage in a normal travelling suitcase.

Next stage was for both models to be combined with a fifth leg, giving unbelievable accuracy and the ability for the rifle to stand alone. These two models were able to yield support to approximately 85% of the shots taken with a rifle.

Finally, after many prototypes, Viper-Flex® present the newest member of the Viper-Flex® family, the Viper-Flex® Styx. The two new variants is called: Viper-Flex® Styx Elite and Viper-Flex® Styx Journey.

The Viper-Flex® will give accuracy from prone, sitting, kneeling, standing and, a great support to shoot from standing position on driven hunt with lowered height and legs held together.