The team behind Pulsar have years of experience in their field of expertise. We are proud to stock the Pulsar night vision technology.

Beginning in 1994, Pulsar have a good grounding in Night Vision and Thermal imaging devices. They bring their years of manufacturing and testing experience to create fantastic finished products ideal for the hunting enthusiasts out there.

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These devices are wonderful tools to enhance your hunting experience, as they allow you to see a much clearer picture of what is in front of you and what prey may be about. Wild boar is a great example, as you will most likely be out at night searching for the best spot to strike.

Pulsar are a leader in digital Night Vision development, making them the ideal choice for your late night hunts. They have created a wide range of thermal devices for the civilian market to enhance that thrilling experience of the hunt and also stalking of prey.

All of the technology we stock is waterproof or water resistant, and can operate easily and professionally in a wide range of temperatures.

With Pulsar Night Vision technology attached to your equipment, you can always be one step ahead of the competition.

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