The Story about PRIMOS: At the age of 5 one could already see the passion for hunting in Will Primo’s eyes. Will could hardly wait until he was old enough to hunt with the older boys on one of the family’s duck hunts.

In 1963, an 11-year-old Will made his first duck call, from which it developed into the world-renowned Primo enterprise, which today develops game calls, trigger sticks, wildgame cameras, lures, feed supplements, clothes and other gear for all kinds of hunting.

In our webshop you can buy the unique drop down Jim Shockey shooting stick with 1, 2 or 3 legs, which, as the only on the market, does not require a flat and stable surface. With a single press of the trigger, the legs folds out and adapts to the ground, giving you a completely stabile shooting facility.

In 2018, Primos introduces a new generation 3 of the shooting stick.