The game camera was started in early July to find where the Roe Deer stalk.

The camera sends MMS messages with images of different roe deer every day to the smartphone.
Your alu high seat stands just where the roebuck has been seen to walk on the ground. The gun is set and the last control shot has been made so that all errors are eliminated. Your stalking boots are ready, the silent camouflage face mask is in your bag together with gloves and game call. The thoughts about the dream roebuck and tomorrow’s premier shine around the head make sleep impossible.

Autumn roe deer hunting has its charm and lots of passionate hunters.

Here you will find everything you need to succeed in the roe deer hunt.


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Binoculars Harness


Roe Deer Hunting Calls

Weisskirchen Roe Deer Call


Hunting game calls

Roe Deer Call


Roe Deer Hunting Calls

Weisskirchen Bleep Call for Roe Deer

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